Training courses

I design individual training courses for achieving optimal results, tailored to the client, the training participants, the industry, the duration, and the course objectives. Below is an overview of the training modules, topics, and methods I offer. I will be glad to discuss with you in detail what approach is best suited for your team.

Training and consulting:

-          Culture-specific training: Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Balkans, Bulgaria

-          General cultural awareness

-          Intercultural competence

-          Successful communication

-          Individual preparation for doing business in Bulgaria


-          Communication for beginners

-          Advanced communication

-          Intercultural communication – an introduction

-          Intercultural communication for working with partners from Central and Eastern Europe (focusing on Bulgaria, the Balkans, and Russia)

-          International bilateral business communication Bulgaria/Germany

-          Bulgaria: culture and business etiquette

-          Germany: culture and business etiquette

-          Intercultural communication in team building


-         Short lectures and presentations

-         Communication workshops

-         Work in groups and individual assignments

-         Simulations and case studies

-         Discussions