Trainer profile

A trainer profile of Dr. Irina Lazarova in PDF format can be downloaded here

About me


My motto is "Respect for your own culture and for the culture of the other".

I was born and grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2000 I moved to Germany. After living and working in Konstanz, Tübingen, Worms, and Mannheim, I finally arrived in Berlin, where I have worked as a freelance journalist and a trainer since 2008.


-          Ph.D. in Slavic and Media Studies from the University of Constance, Germany. Thesis on intermediality between written and oral communication in Russia

-          M.A. in Bulgarian Studies from Sofia University

-          Train-the-trainer seminars and summits

-          Courses in the fields of educational psychology, didactics, rhetoric, cultural anthropology

-          Management training for multicultural encounters

Work experiences

-          Trainer for intercultural communication with focus on Bulgaria, Balkans, Russia and Germany

-          Lecturer in Bulgarian at the University of Tübingen and Volkshochschule City West in Berlin.

-          Trainer for relocation and re-integration seminars in Bulgaria

-          Multinational projects in Central and Eastern Europe

-          Copywriter and freelance journalist for Bulgarian print media

-          Foreign correspondent for the Bulgarian newspaper “Capital” in Berlin

Fellow of: Robert Bosch Foundation; Friedrich Ebert Foundation; Herzen University in St. Petersburg, Russia; Council of Europe


Bulgarian, German, English, Russian


SIETAR Europe (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research)

MitOst (German NGO for cultural exchange with Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe)